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Your future with us

Empowering our associates to innovate and take action is how we continue to accomplish amazing things.

There’s a lot going on at Staples, and our company’s continued evolution means your career can grow in many ways. We encourage and support associates to develop in their roles as well as pursue new opportunities across the business. Our leaders are active coaches and mentors that drive conversations to help develop your career path in the way that you want to grow professionally.

A big part of our commitment to your career growth is to inspire you to make your own success happen. Challenge yourself. Be innovative. Keep reaching. Do it with ambition, energy and a commitment to excellence.

“I’ve not only seen my own career progress in leaps and bounds, but those of the team I support, too. In the past two years alone I’ve promoted two sales managers and a general manager in my store. There are countless other examples of how Staples continuously rewards those who achieve results” –Phil, General Manager, U.S.

We offer competitive pay, comprehensive benefits and perks – all in an effort to make working here rewarding, inspiring and fun.

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Global hiring areas


Whether you’re at the start of your sales career or looking to develop further, Staples (and our many associated businesses) have plenty to offer - in retail sales, Business-to-Business sales and telesales, the focus is always on making every customer’s workday easier.

Across Business-to-Business and eCommerce, dedicated Account Managers, Business-to-Business Sales and Business Development Executives make building trusted relationships with customers the #1 priority. Once they’ve done this, they’re able to offer customized programs and pricing and provide a complete office solution.
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Retail Stores

Our business began with one humble store, and we’ve never lost sight of our founder’s vision. Today, go to any Staples store and you’ll find people who are passionate about our products, services and just about everything else our customers need. Our store associates are constantly helping build our brand and shape our easy customer experience.... More

Supply Chain/Distribution

Our Distribution associates ensure that all our products are shipped and delivered to the right people at the right time. By working closely with our Merchandising and Distribution teams, the Supply Chain team keeps our inventory within budget. They also specialize in minimizing the risk of discontinued stock and the end-to-end supply cost, which makes us just as happy as our customers.... More

Corporate Functions

  • IT
  • eCommerce
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Merchandising
  • Strategy
  • Other

Our IT teams work to maintain and upgrade systems that keep our customers from Beijing to Boston smiling. More than 400 Technicians, 500 Application Developers and 1,000 additional technically-minded experts keep us up-to-date. Whether they’re building mobile applications or implementing the latest cutting-edge technology in our supply chain, they act as true business partners, taking decisions and driving results.


Staples is one of the world’s top internet retailers. We’re transforming rapidly and we’re looking for talented people to be part of creating a seamless and integrated omni-channel shopping experience for our customers. We’re building change from the ground up and developing the next generation of a global eCommerce platform using innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. To do this we’re tripling our staff. So jump aboard now, and you’ll work not only with us, but with Web giants like Microsoft, HP, Google and Twitter to name a few.

To make easy happen, we invested more than 1 million hours in training and developing tens of thousands of our associates in 2011.
Customer Service

In our call centers you’ll find hundreds of smart, friendly Customer Service associates waiting on the end of the line, all trained to ensure they meet or exceed customer expectations. With advanced technology at their fingertips and the support of our national purchasing and distribution centers, they’re able to wow every customer every time.


Focused on building our brand across every channel, our Marketing experts do everything from customer research to targeted advertising plans. They also define our easy in store and Web experiences by developing helpful, intuitive signage and marketing materials. And our Creative teams bring the Staples® brand to life through Web banners, radio advertising, direct mail and much, much more.


While our associates are busy taking care of our customers, our Human Resources teams are taking care of them. They’re committed to making Staples one of the world’s best places to work by providing the right support, great benefit programs, top-notch educational programming and an outstanding culture. And they do a great job. Just ask a Staples associate.


Like crunching numbers? So do we. Our dedicated team of finance experts includes Planners, Analysts and Accountants, and associates in Payroll, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. They’re the people that help keep Staples productive, efficient and fiscally strong.


Merchandising Operations manages the pricing structure for our products and plans for our seasonal promotions, ensuring they’re as easy to implement as possible. Once they’ve planned the layout and space assigned to products in store and online, it’s over to the Category teams who choose the best products and services to sell to our customers. Yes, that’s how you got your favorite pen.


Our Strategy team’s managers come from some of the leading business schools and have a wealth of experience with top-tier consulting companies - which means they’re well equipped to work on a mix of corporate and business unit projects in a fast-paced, highly collaborative environment. And because we view the Strategy team as a pipeline for management, many Strategy associates make the leap to other exciting roles at Staples.


In addition to our main Global Hiring areas, we also have several other functions that we recruit for as the need arises, including Administration, Internships, Legal, Loss Prevention, Operations, Project Management/Process Excellence, Quality and Real Estate.

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Lift the lid on our culture

  • Mark - Internal Communications Manager | Staples Europe
  • Brenda - Director of Staples Brand Group | U.S.
  • Ashley - Marketing | U.S.
  • Phil - General Manager | U.S.
  • Brant - Leading Contract Finance Team | U.S.
  • Simone - USR Copy & Print Regional Sales Director | U.S.
  • Danny - Future Tech | Canada/U.S.
  • Yilmaz - Store Manager | Germany

Ashley - Marketing