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Life at Staples

Positive, collaborative, caring, fast and flexible.

At the very core of Staples is the entrepreneurial spirit that helped found our company 30 years ago, each and every one of our associates is valued for who they are and for how they treat the people around them. We believe in enjoying what you do, while also contributing to the success of Staples. Our goal is to give you the tools, resources and support you need to make amazing things happen in your professional and personal life.

“A lot has changed in my own life over the years. I’m married with two children so I can fully appreciate Staples’ supportive environment. My managers make me feel good about being a working mom and, as such, I’m confident that I can be successful, both professionally and personally.” Ashley Swenson, Stores and Online Marketing, U.S.

Our Culture.

We live and breathe a positive company culture. Whether you work in an office or in the field, having a work environment that is collaborative and caring is essential to making more happen. We believe that being fast and flexible and taking risks will help us become an even stronger and more agile company. That’s why we work together to make an impact every day.

We strive to build a dynamic and talented team of associates across all diversity dimensions. We encourage our associates to participate in the various the career-building events, activities and programs we offer throughout the year. And at the foundation of everything we do are our values.

Giving Back.

At Staples, a large part of who we are as a company is tied to our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. We know that being a great company is about more than just sales and profit margins; it’s also about making a positive impact on society, associates and the planet.

Making a difference in the communities where our customers and associates live and work is something we care a lot about. We promote education and career skills development in countries across the globe through donations, grants, special programs and associate and customer volunteering.

Our Values.

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  • Own it – Take personal responsibility. Act with urgency. Be accountable. Trust yourself and others to make decisions.
  • Say it like it is – Listen first to understand. Give and receive honest feedback. Share new ideas and brutal facts courageously. Speak up to defend our values.
  • Be caring – Support each other professionally and personally. Think about the impact of your actions and words. Remember to say “thank you”.
  • Keep it simple – Focus on priorities. Streamline and simplify. Call out unnecessary complexity. Get rid of bureaucracy and red tape.
  • Work together – Collaborate. Rely on each other. Share resources, information and best practices across teams. Always think customer first.


There aren’t many businesses of our size that can say they conduct a global survey every two years. But with more than 85,000 associates, we think it’s the best way to get honest feedback and gather new ideas. Wondering what our latest survey said? That Staples associates are engaged and willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve our goals. We couldn’t be more proud.

As well as always making the time for a quick chat, last year over 11,000 associates globally joined our “Online Values Jam” to have their say about the future of Staples.


Peek into a corporate office conference room, visit any store, ride along in a delivery truck or listen in on a phone call, and you’ll see what makes Staples special: pride, integrity, teamwork and endless enthusiasm. We are one team that works hard for our customers, all across the globe. And we do it with honesty, collaboration and friendship. At Staples, every associate has a chance to shine. Will you be our next star?

Lift the lid on our culture

  • Kerry Anne - VP - Inside Account Management | U.S.
  • Luis Maria - Web Development Manager | Spain
  • Shantesh - Consultant Application Development | U.S.
  • Cristina - Senior Company Counsel | U.S.
  • Pamela - Senior Copywriter | U.S.
  • Frank - District Manager | Germany
  • Ruth - Picker | U.S.
  • Simone - General Manager | U.S.

Shantesh - Consultant Application Development